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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Texas Brigades Natural Resource and Leadership Development Camp

Please help us recruit cadets (teens 13-17 years old) and CEAs as Covey (or Herd or Flock or Ranch, given the particular camp).  A 5-day tour of duty with a Brigades camp will leave one physically exhausted but mentally rejuvenated about our youth's role in conservation. Visit quailresearch.org to view a most recent testimonial of an urban Dallas girl who has now "seen the light" regarding conservation, see the Feb. issue of the e-Quail Newsletter under the heading of "intern diaries."

"I have been most fortunate to be an active participant and speaker at some of the Texas Brigades.  To put my experience simply, the Brigades are difference makers for young people.  Brigades are week long investment for a life-changing outcome for youth participants." - Dr. Chris Boleman

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