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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Do you know your Lepidoptera from your Blatodea?

Do you know your Lepidoptera from your Blatodea? The Dallas County Entomology Team does!

Entomology is the scientific study of insecta and arachnida. Though most of us think of insects as only pests, there are actually more beneficial insects in the world than there are harmful ones. The study of insects is important to understand the roles they play in agriculture and in the world in which we live.

The Dallas County Senior Entomology Team took home first place at District IV contest earlier this year. Two senior team members placed individually. M. Apodaca placed first and M. Sullivan placed third as Senior Individuals. The team's high marks advanced them to compete at State Round Up over the summer. A great time was had by all participants!

The entomology project is open to any 4-H youth ages 8 - 18 interested in participating.

For more information, please contact… Joe Sullivan (joe@joseph-sullivan.com)

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